TCF Credits & Loyalty points

Earning of Loyalty Points will be deactivated from March 23 2023 11pm until end of Eid 2023.
All Loyalty Point services will be resumed after Eid 2023. Thank you for your understanding.
TCF Loyalty points is TCF’s loyalty program which is open to all our users who have created an account and have purchased from The Custom Factory. All customers who purchase on automatically get enrolled in the program once they register and purchase from Day one.
You get FLAT 5% of the amount as cash-back in your Custom Factory account; spent on our website to redeem on your next purchase. The number of TCF points that will be earned, will be mentioned in your customer account summary page. Once the amount is paid for the order, your points will be automatically credited into your account under My TCF Credits.
Once you have purchased from us, then only the points get credited to your account for the respective amount. If you do a purchase again on our website, you can redeem the points once you’re signed in, you can redeem all the points at one go too (YES, you read that right!).
(Example. You have total of 20 TCF points in your account at the moment which is equivalent to AED20, now you’re purchasing a new item worth AED100; so you can redeem all 20 points at one go which means you’ll only be paying AED80 for the purchased item. 
NOTE: The conversion of TCF Loyalty points will automatically be converted into your TCF Credits and will be available for your next purchase to redeem. You have the freedom to choose to utilize all the amount at one go or nothing at all.
Other Terms and Conditions:-
  • Delivery fee cannot be a part of loyalty program/redeemed with TCF points and will be charged additional.
  • You're TCF points are valind for Lifetime when credited in your account. You can redeem it whenever you wish to.
  • TCF points can only be used on to redeem for the product purchases. No Gift Cards can be purchased in this scenario.
  • TCF points are non-transferrable to any other TCF account or cannot be encashed in any form.
  • TCF points are automatically credited to your account once the purchase has been completed.
  • You will earn TCF points only on the Sub Total amount calculated after/if any promocodes are applied.
  • Bank Transfer customers are not eligible for this program.
The conversion of TCF Loyalty points will automatically be converted into your TCF Credits and will be available for your next purchase to redeem.
NOTE: In some cases, you need to remove either charms or quotes from the design you selected as might not fit in the product, for this scenario; we will call you to notify that whatever the add-ons are not added to the product, the amount against it will be added to your user account in a form of TCF Credit. No refunds will be processed back in that case.
Eg. You purchased a product worth AED120 with the add ons, but only AED100 worth can be fitted to your product, so AED20 balance will be credited to your TCF Credit which will be 20 points. (Any form of balance amount from your order will be reversed into your TCF user account in form of Loyalty points which then can be used as TCF Credits)